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Why do I need a motorcycle dash-cam?


  • There are many factors that may attribute to motorcycle accidents. A primary issue concerned in accidents that involve more than one vehicle is that other drivers may not see motorcycles. Motorcycles are much smaller than most vehicles on the road. Taking a quick glance in a rear view mirror or side mirror, or over the shoulder, a driver may not see a motorcycle coming behind him or her. In addition, at intersections, motorcycles are also much less visible than other vehicles, leading to accidents. Motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur on weekends and at night.


  • Many times, when people think of motorcycle crashes, they think they are the motorcyclists fault; they may think motorcyclists speed and are reckless drivers. However, approximately half of all motorcycle crashes involve more than one vehicle. Of those crashes, nearly 40 percent are attributed to the other vehicle making a left hand turn in front of the motorcyclist.


The vehicle driver kept saying, “I do not care!”, “I do not care!"

You will be surprise to hear the above from the driver after his car veered into the motorcycle and wrecking the motorcycle and sending the riders onto the roadway.

The rider’s is lucky to have a friend that says “I got it on video!”  Everyone can see the fact that the vehicle driver was at fault. He was able to deliver an airtight case to the police.  “Dashcams give drivers an added level of protection to guard against unexpected malicious events which they might otherwise struggle to prove,” says Mark Godfrey, director of RAC Insurance. “By having a visual record, it is far easier for an insurer to come to the right conclusion and avoid the affected motorists being unfairly penalised by a potential fraudster."

So, to answer to the question “Why do I need a motorcycle dashcam?”

  • Protection against false accident accusations

  • G-Force file protection in case of an accident in order to create a permanent recording

  • Protection of the motorcycle by capturing tampering while parked

  • Recording your ride



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