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Cruise Controls


10% Price rise coming on the 1st of October 2021!

Due to price increases on components from our manufacturers, MC Cruise have to increase their prices.
Order before the first of October to beat the price rise!


Motorcycle Cruise Controls

MC Cruise controllers are now available from D2D Accessories.  

 MC Cruise electronic cruise controllers offer substantial ergonomic benefits, such as reduced fuel consumption; reduced risk of speeding fines or loss of license and reduced physical stress when the cruise is engaged. 

Not Your Average Cruise Control

What makes it safer is that the specially built cable interface unit (or CIU) can’t hang up on anything to potentially cause a runaway condition. Any unusually sudden acceleration or extremely high engine revving activates an automatic shut off, too. They really made the system with rider safety being priority one.

Throttle-By-Wire Cruise Control development

The advent of throttle-by-wire (TBW) in bikes and cars presented a major challenge: how to integrate aftermarket performance without compromising the inherent safety features of the factory system – and for an affordable price!


This cruise control is incredibly accurate when it comes to maintaining a set speed. Documented testing of the throttle-by-wire system shows a variance of only +/- 0.014 kph or 0.0087 mph even when consistently riding over hilly terrain.

Statistics for the older CIU/electric servo systems are expected to be similar, but not collected and analyzed to date. The logging and analysis have only become possible recently with the advent of the Cruise Controller’s Bluetooth module discussed below.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Cruise Controller has a self-diagnostic feature built in to let you know if there’s a problem before testing it on the road and even indicates what is wrong if it fails to engage or unexpectedly disengages.

The development team has also been developing Bluetooth connectivity between the unit and Android/iPhones through an app which will be available on the Google Play Store.

Firmware Updates

The app will provide a couple of excellent features to owners not typical of cruise control – even in cars. The owner can use it to improve or add to the firmware of the cruise unit as upgrades become available over time, based on the Team’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

GPS Link

There’s also the ability to link the cruise control with your phone’s GPS apps. Developed to warn the rider of speed variation with the motorcycles internal speedometer.