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‘SpeedSafe’ is a new stand-alone speed limiter for ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides.  The ‘SpeedSafe’ speed limiter saves customers in many ways, including:

  • increasing productivity by decreasing accidents, staff downtime and associated costs;
  • potentially decreasing liability insurance costs;
  • reducing on-going maintenance costs by staggering amounts according to anecdotal information; and
  • satisfying global Occupational Health & Safety organisations which have been targeting ATV accidents and safety issues.

‘SpeedSafe’ is also a new option for our ‘QuadCruise’ electronic cruise control for ATV’s. The ‘SpeedSafe’ speed limiter may be added to an existing ‘QuadCruise’ installation or fitted as a stand alone speed limiter without the ‘QuadCruise’ cruise control.

A ‘QuadCruise’ cruise control may also be fitted after the speed limiter is fitted, using some of the parts already supplied with the speed limiter. ‘SpeedSafe’ allows full use of the available power on the ATV up to the limiting speed. When the vehicle reaches the limiting speed, the speed limiter progressively cuts engine power. At the limiting speed the engine develops a slight misfire, however if the operator tries to go faster by applying more throttle, the speed limiter gradually makes the misfire worse.

The speed limiter defaults to 25kph (15mph) when it is enabled, however the owner or supervisor may set this to any speed desired.