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BMW F800GS/GT - P3 Installation

It's easy to install P3 Lights on BMW's F800GS/GT.

On 2013 models there is a connector under the seat with the following wire colors & functions:

Brown - Ground, connect to the controller's black wire
Grey/Black - Tail/Brake Light, connect to the controller's white wire
Blue/Grey - License Plate Light, connect to the controller's red wire
Blue/Red - Left Turn Signal, connect to the controller's green wire (TS model only)
Blue/Black - Right Turn Signal, connect to the controller's yellow wire (TS model only)

On earlier models, remove the seat, then with reference to the images below, remove the luggage rack and tail section cover:

Then, with reference to the image below, locate the tail light connector which is labelled (A) in the diagram below.

This connector contains two wires: brown and grey/black striped.

Using one of the included red/gray cylindrical Posi-Tap® connectors connect the controller's black wire to the brown wire going to this connector, and the controller's white wire to the grey/black striped wire. Connect these close to the tail light connector. There is no need to remove the black insulation tape.

Next, locate the cable going to license plate lamp which is labelled (B) in the diagram on the left.

This cable contains two wires, one brown, one striped.

Remove ~1" of the black insulation tape and connect the controller's red wire to the striped wire.

Finally, mount the two LED modules on the license plate frame as shown below, and run the wires up into the tail section. Connect them to the controller as described in the standard installation instructions.


P3-TS Tail/Brake light & Turn Signals

The gray/green and gray/yellow wires are connected to the silver wires on the left and right LED modules respectively.

copper wires from the LED modules are connected to ground along with the black wire.

NOTE:  There are no special installation requirements for the P3-TS+ (with turn signals and voltmeter)

Our voltmeter is reading the voltage off the controller’s red wire.  There are some voltage losses due to the wiring so it might not match readings taken at the battery.


Test the P3 Lights by turning on your ignition and activating the brake lever. If the installation has been done correctly, the LED modules will light up as a modulated tail light (or, for the voltmeter model, display the battery voltage), and flash brightly as the brake lever is activated.