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What currency are the prices in?

Select your preferred currency at the top of the page.
All prices are invoiced in US Dollars.


Do you supply internationally?

Yes we ship our kits world wide.


Do you charge for freight?

Yes we do charge for freight and is calculated during checkout. 


Are LED bulbs legal?

Each country, state and region have different rules and regulations. Please contact your local authority for clarification.


Will your product work on all vehicles?

D2D and Skene Design products are designed to work on all types of vehicles including Cars, Trucks, 4WD, ATVs and Quads. Our Spotlights work with voltages  from 9 - 30 Volts. To use the Skene Design products on a 24 Volt system as used in trucks a 12v source must be used to power the controller, the lights can be used on the 24 Volt circuit.


How much current do LED bulbs draw?

LED Bulbs draw minimal current compared to Halogen Bulbs, here is a simple comparison... A 200w Halogen Bulb draws 16.6 amps where an equivalent output LED Bulb draws 2.4 amps.

Running LED headlights and spotlights will put less strain on your stator or alternator, allowing you to run your heated grips and navigation system without draining your battery.

A simple way to find out how many amps your device draws:  Watts / Volts DC = Amps.  therefore,  200 watts divided by 12 volts DC = 16.6666 Amps


Do you have LED bulbs for 6V vehicles?

Currently there are no reliable quality 6 volt solutions available. Our suppliers are aware of the need for this product and are currently researching and developing a solution.