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Tractor PTO Cruise

If your business involves spraying, spreading, snail-baiting, seeding or mowing using a tractor with attachments driven by the  PTO, our new ' PTO Cruise' will take the variability out of whatever application you are undertaking.

This product provides ergonomic, economic and environmental benefits to the man on the land and contract sprayers alike.  Extremely accurate, low-speed control integrated with spray system power supply, lets you set up the optimum  PTO speed to match the required flow rate for your application.  Resume functions allow you to run the same settings regardless of who is operating the machine - day after day, week in week out, season after season if you want. Alternatively, it is extremely quick and easy to re-adjust the speed for different applications.

If ergonomic issues are causing you stress in continuous slow-speed applications on your tractor -  this is the answer.   SET the PTO speed you want, the hand throttle to the speed you need rounding the headland and use our cruise control to deliver optimum application rates uphill and down dale. Save consumables rounding the headland, eliminate stress maintaining PTO speeds for long periods of time and ensure you don't overdose your soil.  You won't believe how good it is - until you try it!

See our new video of the PTO Cruise Control in operation here