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Aqua Strap for Power Monkey eXtreme : Powertraveller

Proudly introducing the aquastrap for the powermonkey extreme. If you're an outdoor enthusiast come rain or shine, you won't want to be without this! Cleverly designed using feedback from real power users in the field, the aquastrap ensures your powermonkey extreme remains watertight whilst it charges your devices.

This product is rated waterproof to IP65 which means that it is dust-tight and can withstand water splashes equivalent to water projected from a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction, keeping your powermonkey extreme watertight.

The kit includes:
an aquastrap
1 x DC-In cable 
1 x USB out cable. 
On the end of each of the cables are lugs which clip into the waterproof hinged protection covers on the powermonkey extreme battery unit.

If you're simultaneously recharging the powermonkey extreme and your device, on the aquastrap you will see there are circular recesses. Place one end of the aquastrap onto the gromit of the DC-In cable once it's attached to the powermonkey extreme, then stretch the aquastrap past the gromit of the USB out cable and allow the aquastrap to slide back into place.

Once on, this will locate the two cables into position to create a water-tight seal.

If you're only using the extreme to charge your device, remove DC-In cable and lock the aquastrap into place, making sure the hinged protection cover on this end of the powermonkey extreme is closed.

The tough, flexible cables have been specifically manufactured to work in conjunction with the aquastrap and the ends of the aquastrap also mean you can hang your powermonkey extreme up - genuis!

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