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Indian Scout [Throttle-By-Wire only]

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Due to price increases on components from our manufacturers, MC Cruise have to increase their prices.
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Indian Scout [Throttle-By-Wire only]

The bike we used to prototype the cruise is a 2014 model, however, we have also fitted a cruise to a 2019 Scout Bobber, and it is functionally the same, so to our knowledge, this will fit all model years and versions of the Scout.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is adapted specifically for this vehicle, with a custom made and fully plug and play wiring harness, using genuine connectors and terminals as used by the manufacturer. There is no wire splicing or any other permanent changes made to your bike.

Cruise control computer mounting location.

The cruise control computer is mounted in a special bracket low on the frame on the left side of the engine using the threaded mounting hole for engine crash bars.  There are two brackets available, one for bikes without crash bars, and another for bikes fitted with crash bars.

Please read the brochure for more details and photos.

We have had a couple of customers asking about mounting the computer on the frame, under the fuel tank in front of the air filter housing.

With the standard air filter, there is not enough space to fit the cruise computer, however, some have fitted an aftermarket air filter, and they say that this creates more space and the computer will fit there.

We have NOT seen these filters, and we have NOT fitted a cruise computer in this location.

The wiring harness provided with the cruise control is long enough to mount the computer in front of the air filter housing, under the fuel tank if desired.

We do not know if it would be long enough to mount the computer behind the air filter.

We do not know if the computer really will fit in this location, how the computer can be mounted in this location or if this location may cause reliability issues with the cruise computer due to higher temperatures, although we don't expect the temperature to be an issue in this location.

    Cruise control switch - there are three options to choose from (see the photos):

    1. Our original switch mounted on the mirror mounting post.

      This mounting can use the mirror if it is fitted.

      A suitable bolt and washer are provided in the kit to mount the switch if your bike has bar-end mirrors fitted.

    2. Our original switch mounted below the handlebar.

    3. New Slim switch mounted below the handlebar.

      The mounting method is the same as used on the 2nd option above, but the Slim switch is used instead of our original control switch.

      Please read the brochure (link below) for details about programming changes in the computer for this control switch which change which buttons are used for SET and RESUME

    Cruise Control Switch Wire Length.

    Our cruise control switches come with two different switch wire lengths.

    Normally for this bike the switch provided has the shorter length switch wire, roughly 90cm (35") long from the back of the switch to connecting plug.

    The switch wire may not be long enough if the bike is fitted with Hi-Rise handlebars.

    See the brochure for more details about this, including how to measure the wire length needed and how to order a longer switch wire if you need it.

    CAN-BUS Diagnostic Dongle Patch Harness

    The cruise control connects to the bike's diagnostic connector.

    In most cases, this connector is fitted with a blanking plug, but some other accessories may also connect to the diagnostic plug.

    If this is the case, a patch harness must be fitted to allow the cruise control AND the other accessory to be connected at the same time.

    See the last page of the brochure (there is a link below) for more details.

    Speed bump setting: The cruise computer is fully configurable by the user for either 1 or 2 km/h or 1 or 2 mph set speed change per SET/ACC or RES/DEC button press.

    The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.


      • Download the Brochure now:
        Click here for the vehicle brochure

        The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.



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