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D2D Startmate X800

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D2D Startmate X800

The Sartmate X800 is a compact, jump-start system suitable for use on both standard cars and larger vehicles such as small commercial vans, 4x4s, etc that have 12Volt batteries (CCA up to 800A). The Sartmate X800 delivers a jump-start current of 12Volts at 300Amps and is packed with high-tech features to give you total peace of mind.

The Sartmate X800 can restart this type of standard 12Volt vehicle battery up to 10 times (number of times will vary according to engine capacity) on a full charge thanks to its High Energy Polymer Lithium Battery.

It is recommended that the Sartmate X800 is recharged regularly (every 3-6 months) so that it is ready to use when required. Recharging via the included in-car charger will take 6-8 hours if Sartmate X800 is empty, 4 hours from 75%.

You can also recharge the Sartmate X800 via the included 16v mains charger.

Key Specifications/Special Features

Main features:
* Jump start 12V gasoline and diesel vehicles
* Two USB 5V/2.1A output charging for smartphone, iPhone, tablets
* 19/16/12V/3.5A output for laptops charging
* LED flashlight with SOS, strobe and red beacon functions
* Compass for direction

Product features:
* Capable of cranking 12V gasoline engines and diesel vehicle
* Jump start your car from inside of the car or outside
* Ultra compact design, portable and easy to use
* Applicable to mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices
* LED torch, SOS and strobe 
* Optionally air compressor and intelligent jumper cable
* LED display: power level showing and real time current detecting function
* With high power polymer Lithium battery inside
* More than 3000 times cycle life
* With optional smart cable: short circuit, reverse connection, over heat protection 

1 x car jump starter
1 x car battery charging cable
1 x car cigarette lighter adaptor
1 x jumper cable clamps 
1 x home charger 
1 x car charger 
1 x 3-in-1 USB mobile adapter
8 x laptop adapter tips
1 x user's manual
1 x PU storage bag

For optimal use:
* Charge battery at least once every 3 months to avoid shortening its lifespan
* Compatible with 6.5L and lower gas/petrol engines and 5.0L diesel powered vehicles
* Recharge your vehicle's battery as soon as possible after jump starting

• To avoid injury and/or damage to your vehicle, do not connect the red and black clamps together
• Remove battery within 30 seconds of starting your car
• Store at below 140° Fahrenheit and avoid direct sunlight
• Jump starter may not work properly at temperature below -4° Fahrenheit
• Keep out of reach of children 

Model: X800 Capacity: 18,600mAh
Cycle lifespan: ≥3000 times Start current: 300A
Peak current: 500A (3s) Input: 15V/1A
USB outlet: 5V/2.8A Laptop outlets: 19/16/12V/3.5A
Working temperature: -10 to 85°C Battery: polymer Lithium battery
Dimensions: 178x82x45mm Net weight: 550g
LED power: 1W Warranty: 1 year

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