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Öhlins Adventure Stabilizer Kit 1050/1190/1290

  • $86595 USD

Öhlins Adventure Stabilizer Kit

The Öhlins SD2.1 represents a huge leap forward in handling technology.   Equipped with a new Uni-flow valving system, the SD 2.1 controls the flow of hydraulic fluid in one direction and eliminates fluctuations of damping characteristics previously caused by changes in handle bar deflection.   Featuring a fully adjustable “Free-2-Center” valving circuit and our exclusive PowerCell Degressive Linkage System (DLS), the new Öhlins SD2.1 is the perfect steering stabilizer for serious Adventure riding.


Full Damping Level (DL) Adjuster
Nitrogen charged reservoir
Adjustable Return To Centre Knob (RTC)
Uni-flow Valving eliminates fluctuation
Simple 1-Bolt removal for quick service
PowerCell Exclusive Degressive Linkage System (DLS)

Complete system includes tower bridge and vibration isolating bar mount.

Installation Instructions – 1190R Öhlins Stabilizer

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