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PDM60 Power Distribution Modual

  • $229.95 USD

The future of power management is here with the PDM60, No more blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, CANbus related power interruptions, confusion or frustration. The PDM60 is fully user programmable via the PDM60 dashboard software (set circuit triggering/switching methods, delay circuit activation/deactivation, and individual circuit amperage levels)

Six power circuits, and 60 Amps of power handling capability; enough to handle all of your gadgets and accessories.

With the PDM60 installed, adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices and electronics is a breeze. It eliminates the need to check or replace fuses. It eliminates the need to install relays to power higher amperage applications like driving lights, heated clothing, Stebel horns, etc. It completely eliminates any potential for current draw related problems commonly associated with CANbus style electrical systems.

Why You Need A PDM60

      • Easy – Easy to configure, easy to install, and easy to own.
      • Rock Solid – Tested for over 1,000,000 (Yes… One Million) cycles, under a full 60 amp load, and still running strong!
      • Completely Sealed – Fully encapsulated in an industrial grade, hi-temp potting material to make it fully water, weather, and dust proof from even the harshest of environments.
      • Clean – The compact size, combined with the easy one wire outputs, allows you to install and wire all your accessories without having the finished product looking like a birds nest. Simple and clean always makes your wiring projects better.
      • Customizable – The easy to use dashboard allows everyone to set up the PDM60 exactly how they want it for their accessories and their vehicle of choice.  Down the road if things change, or you add more accessories, all you have to do is reprogram it to your liking and you are off and riding again.
      • CAN bus Friendly – If you have a CAN type electrical system on your vehicle, no fear!  The PDM60 is completely CAN bus friendly.  The very low amperage required by the trigger wires won’t cause a system error.  The PDM60 is not CAN bus controlled and does not communicate in anyway with the CAN bus system.
      • Customer Satisfaction – Current PDM60 Owners are our best source of real feedback, and we have received great feedback on these units.  We receive calls every day from people who have seen the PDM60 in action, and want to know where they can get one.  Who says you have to settle for messy wiring and unfriendly fuse block?  We don’t.  We say EVOLVE with the PDM60 and enjoy all of those wanted accessories with peace of mind, knowing they are protected.

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